Horrible symptoms

I won’t describe them, but I am very poorly.  I’ve been wondering all day why I feel so puny and as I staggered on foot between here and Planet Bachelor to feed Ayesha, I realized..

This is a migraine.  I can barely type, can’t spell, and while I won’t get into details, I am seeing and feeling things that aren’t there – how jolly when I’m alone in the house!  I feel very slow – but my reaction to red light made me realize yeah this is a migraine.

My sleep has been very disturbed and I’ve been peculiarly sore.

Anyway, I was much cheered earlier in the day to have Katie and Alex stop by.  He says many word like things.  Yeah Yeah Yeah, Wow. etc.  It’s very charming.  He made strange for a while but afterward he was sociable in his way.