Disasters wheeze and accomplishments break a leg

Jerb sucks.  I am working rapidly rotating shifts every single week until well into the new year. I could go on at great length about how very stupid and shortsighted they are, but let’s just put it in perspective once and you can take it from there; two years ago the company lost 4/5ths of its local clients due to incompetence, poor internal communications, politics and other bs, and they are well on their way to losing the last fifth.  I imagine this job will exist for at most another year, so I’m going to do the best I can in my little world and accept the money while I can and when I have recovered my sang froid a little more I’ll start the job hunt again.

I am now sick with my first cold in a decade or whatever, but not since I moved into this house to my recollection, and instead of getting up SLEPT THROUGH FROM 8 AM TO 8 PM without getting up or peeing or drinking or anything, so now I have to go deal with forcing myself to eat and drink, since I don’t want to.

later… I have achieved bread and honey lemon concoction. It hasn’t started to snow. The cats are creeping around the house chasing two enormous confused flies which woke up after the last snowstorm.

I am 6K words into the next novel, which is yaoi about Jesse and Slider but also about lots of other stuff.  I was kinda thinking no when I was writing the trilogy, since throwing two characters together does make for “should they bang” moments, but they were buddies who spent a lot of time together because they were both totally fascinated by aliens. But now it’s time, and the research is certainly interesting, because the whole thing is essentially about consent and desire and how to be a ho. I am NOT POSTING it, but if you want to read it when it’s done, ping me. It won’t be great art, but none of it is, being, you know, entertainment. I will charge a high price for it too, if I ever release it.

It’s supposed to snow here. It’s so cold in my room I feel like if I get out of bed I’ll seize up completely.

later … unearthed my space heater and fired it up.  It’s like lighting a candle in a high wind in Antarctica….