One more week

I am enjoying being a woman of mystery. Fellow workers have asked me why I quit. I make my face go all soft and stupid (no challenge there, I fear) and say, “Oh, it’s a long story. A LONG BORING STORY” he he fake laugh.

Jeff is encouraging me to watch The OA. Sounds fantastic, and some other folks on the F-list are also boosters. Me I’m so waiting for Expanse Season 2 my little heart is going pittapat.

40K words on the Yaoi brigade of foolishness.



Lock, load, rant ‘n roll

Ya missed me?
You duckwits.
This is now the second time I’ve unsubscribed from How did I get back on your list? Who knows? Was it malice? Was it stupidity? Was it greed? I don’t think you’re smart enough, corporately, to find out and get back to me on that so why don’t you just assume that’s a rhetorical question?
I quit using you because your customer service people are badly trained, you send me emails when I’ve already unsubscribed, and you didn’t ship me what I needed most out of the order and DIDN’T TELL ME WHEN I’D GET IT. Just took it off and refunded.
Ya fucked up, and now ya fucked up thrice.
If I get another unsolicited email from you chuckleheads I’m reporting you to these guys.
So totally NOT yours,
One severely choked ex customer who up until this point has stayed off social media to complain about your company. Today is a good day to complain about!