back at work

Wrote about 400 words today. Feeling laid back to the point of being sessile. Jesse is not talking to me, although Sweetie is.

Some evil person left the best commercial gingerbread cookies I’ve ever eaten just lying around the office. I have moved them out of eyeshot or the little crunchy eyewateringly gingery buggers’ll be gone before dawn.

Despite the weather being horrible – it’s snowed all day and it’s now raining, I was only 5 minutes late for work.  Yay Skytrain, I guess.

Looks like MMCo will be the first of the books e-published, which is funny, because it was written fourth and it’s the pre-planned prequel. More deets as they become available.





I didn’t buy a single gift for anyone, but here is what I got:

Lagostina wok – the high temp non stick kind.

Firefly plush blanket

Pink and blue skin for my MacBook

Home made mandarin orange marmalade and home made cocoa powder

Three different kinds of alcohol, being Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier.

The baiju’s all gone, I must find more. It is one of the most remarkably flavoured high test spirits I’ve ever consumed; instead of tasting like old men complaining, it’s like spring and hopefulness dancing through your mouth.

I am so blessed I don’t know what to say.

Cassidy insisted that we plate up leftovers for Jeff, so he’s gonna get a southern ham Christmas including yams and cornbread dressing (plus two different kinds of home made fudge, and the leftover creamy rice pudding I made.) Jeff wasn’t feeling up to it; we actually left quite early, before 8.

I didn’t wear my orthotics with the crampons when I walked to Planet Bachelor last night and now my feet hurt so much- literally the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning was MOTHER OF GOD MY FEET HURT. So yeah, orthotics are good and real and I should wear them always.