Last days, short strokes

I just checked my calendar and my last day is the 23rd; I’ll go in on the 22nd and emerge at dawn into the last two days of schlepping before baby Jesus pops out of the creche and we get 2.5 more months of winter. Good thing I don’t have to buy a damned thing.  My dad wants a home cooked meal, my mOm wants me to finish my books and print them, my kids are getting clothes, Jeff’s getting either nothing or something to do with Antarctica, Paul’s getting biscotti and so’s pretty much everyone else.  Hm perhaps I should locate blackberry jelly. That rarely goes amiss across the pond.

There are definitely parts of this job I enjoyed.  I like nights.  Most of the housekeeping staff and managers on nights are civilized and hardworking individuals. The ones who aren’t, well, I’m not going to talk about them.  The good ones, I’ll miss of course.

Paul because he is AWESOME drove me to work tonight, for no reason, just because he could.  And in so doing improved my mood out of all proportion to the gesture.  (Jeff was asleep long since, or he would have been happy to.)

Jeff is BEING SUPERBRO.  I am very happy to be living with him right now. Of course when I feel like this (all d’awwwww!) I end up cooking, and what is wrong with that?  I’m going to make dough.  Only cinnamon rolls can express my feelings at the moment.  Maybe schnitzel? Maybe we should do a shop, although the roads in this part of the work still suck.  But cinnamon rolls are an important good.

I have learned that I need to wear my orthotics indoors, so I’m going to get house shoes and transfer my orthotics into them when I’m inside.  They will never so much as set foot outside the house.

We need to put more dirt down on the front steps, they are unbelievably slippery.


1000 words tonight.  I’m at about 31K words on the new Jesse book. Jeff’s helping with assembling MMCo for publication!! so exciting.  Course all I wanna do is write.  The rest of all that stuff is superbly snoreworthy, at least to a lazy bum like I.