safe ‘every house has a name and the name of this house is Home’

I’m happily and weirdly ensconced in the Tower of Books. In some ways the Aerie feels like another wing of it. Here we are facing East instead of West; here we are full of books instead of toys; both support immense swathes of indoor greenery and perch atop a landscape full of trees. Deciduous here, coniferous there.

I am sleeping enough (possibly too much, if that’s a thing) and today I am asking for an expedition, so we’re going to go downtown and go to a bookstore.

I haven’t bought a return ticket. Honest to Christ, I don’t want to.

LATER. I should be back in Vancouver 5ish on Saturday.

seeing Tammy tomorrow. I resent you time but you don’t treat everyone the same either. Want more Catherine and definitely Jan.

Pippin is pawing at me.

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