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Very hard for me to be productive when I spent so much time with the fam yesterday – and I crashed early again. Staying awake after 6 pm requires stern measures.  

Also, when I’m not making Alex laugh his face off while waiting in the car, I’m filled with anger and sadness about something I can’t talk about in public. I am very glad I have friends who respond to my phone calls. Some of you know already what’s going on, and the situation continues, it’s non-trivial — but also non-fatal — and I imagine I’ll suck it up eventually.

I wrote a little ditty for Alex:

Jumping on the bed/Jumping on the bed/Here comes Alex jumping on the bed

Don’t fall down and bump    your    head! (Everything slows down)

Here comes Alex jumping on the bed!


So he was stuck in the car seat and I sang

Jumping on the seat/Jumping on the seat/Here comes Alex jumping on the seat

He wants something      goood     to      eat! (Everything slows down, we bang out the rhythm on the doors and then go slurp slurp  slurp shoving our hands in our mouths and making faces)

Here comes Alex jumping on the seat!



Longing doesn’t butter parsnips, so I’d better get back to writing. I’m in the mood for angsty fanfic rather than progressive settlement of the solar system, doe; brain damage as a plot bunny (how jolly.)


TLDR Fuck my life at least I have a grandson.

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