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A horrifying picture, right? Right pOP????

So this is what my friends said IN RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE NOTED PIC (Shirley is a writer among many other things I know through fandom and Kevin and Rob are (as memorialized here for YEARS) former coworkers.)

Shirley Meier Oh HELL no!

Kevin MacDonald Wrenching photo

Rob Prior It doesn’t turn my crank.

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior shocking!

Rob Prior Don’t be short with me…

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior Just ratcheting up my humour

Rob Prior Socket to me!

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior I am currently working on that

Rob Prior I am powerless to stop you.

Kevin MacDonald Rob Prior Its not a deal breaker

Rob Prior It might be grounds for complaint.

Kevin MacDonald Try to remain neutral in the issue

Rob Prior I’m sensing a little resistance.

Allegra Sloman Well my ohmies I hate to break the circuit here but these electrifying puns are really fusing my attention.

Rob Prior Uh-oh… It’s a re-volt.

Kevin MacDonald It hertz to hear you say that

og og og make it staaaahp!!!!

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