day 4

So I’m on day 4 of the Helicobacter Pylori treatment pack, and my guts are making noises like ship’s rigging in a high wind. The worst of the ulcer symptoms are already gone. I still have pain and tenderness under my right ribs so my liver is obvs still unhappy with me but it’s nothing like two weeks ago when I could imagine that I was slowly dying with no difficulty.

1726: Thomas Doulton was pilloried in London ‘for endeavouring to discover the Windward Passage upon one Joseph Yates, a seafaring person.’

Sorry, stole that from the twitter account WhoresofYore this morning.

I recently fell in love with Mike Stuchbery on twitter, a simply delightful colonial boy from Australia who’s also a historian. Because he ties his history to things like facts and evidence and modern understanding of race and colonialism, the fucking nazis on the internet have gone for him hard.  His posts about history are gold – his responses to Nazis a mixture of dreamy calm and crushing wit.

Also, he keeps liking my responses to his posts.


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