wah wah

neither of my children have phoned me in days so I’m pouty (I don’t call them unless it’s been weeks – at which point they sound almost guilty)

my gut is a quiescent mass of furtive anxiety

I am having trouble performing the simplest of tasks

I feel kinda messed up but there isn’t anything really wrong with me

Keith sent me a text which inadvertently reminded me of why Paul and I broke up

The weather slurps donkey balls from a lava flow.

On the plus side

brO and I have started watching Mindhunter. Oh, what am I saying, we’re two episodes from the end of S1. It is my firm intention to go back and watch the whole thing again when we’re done.

brO and I have viewed Their Finest. It is a spirited defence of film-making as art, a heart-wrenching confrontation of the death and geographical disorientation raining down from German bombers, a workplace dramedy, a digitus impudicus directed at the people who, for graft, glory, the ability of the state to draft you and / or sheer moronic dog-in-the-manger ill-will *fuck* with aforesaid art, and a woman-centric gem.

I’m intending to watch it again and just roll around in the performances. Bill Nighy is delicious in a fashion I could never hope to convey unless you watch the film too and help me put words to it.

Two of the characters for Earbuds sprang to life in my head and had a post coital convo about work, life, religion, chronic illness and poly that just made me love both of them harder… I didn’t write any of it down and Jeff is likely scowling at me

Mike’s back from whatever work travel hell hole he was most recently despatched to

I’m not really doing too bad, but my gumption machine’s broke down

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