Hot Pot at Morals Village

TLDR oldfud report: She et with a friend but it was not a true pig out. moar friends today.

Met up with Unconbentional (a late twenties wedding photographer, brony and lifehacker I met through Lorraine at the weiner dog races, blogs passim and don’t you just love how I get to write true sentences like dat there’s a little old lady living this weird goodness vicariously) and the food was amazing. You pick a broth and then pick stuff to add and it boils away merrily on your table. NOM

I don’t take pics of my food unless I prepared it but YES IT WAS GOOD. We got caught up on our various projects and it was amazing to get out of the house into the bright sunshine and very pleasant day.

NOTE TO SELF do not try to find a Chinese restaurant in Richmond on the fly, figure out where you’re going first. I texted him after my unsuccessful traverse of the mall with I WILL GO HOME TO DIe so sorry CANNOT FIND and he ran out of the restaurant and danced up and down and yelled until I located him which given that I’ve only met him once IRL was really decent of him. You know, pro-social.

TODAY the Dunnetteers – I’ll be leaving in half an hour or so.