Word count

19391 words  on HOTM. Plugging away on my hurtfic for Destiel, plus another more Harlequinny Destiel, plus the Robot Love Destiel. Also I’m working on edits for SOTW.

Jeff took me to Thor Ragnarok yesterday. I super enjoyed it, it was a noisy fun bit of spun sugar. It was interesting to me that it was more important to save the people than Asgard. Also, Tom Hiddleston flatly refuses to stop being yummy, and Chris Hemsworth is LUMPY WIT’ MUSCLE but still really cute. I think Taika Waititi did a great job of directing, and I think the fight scenes went on too long, so that’s me.

Season 6 of Longmire is excellent and Katee Sackhoff’s eyes crossing as she was ‘bleeding out’ was some of the wildest acting I’ve ever seen. Zahn McLarnon, A. Martinez, Lou Diamond Phillips, Tantoo Cardinal and Graham Greene are all fucking standouts.

love long hair on boys sigh