Another year successfully concluded

Today Mike’s gonna take me to Atlas Steakhouse and I am going to pig out.

TLDR pOp you can stop reading now

So there. Also he’s taken tomorrow off and I am hopping from one foot to another because that means I’m going to have about 45 minutes of massage tomorrow, or possibly this evening, and I am really needing the pummelling. I already subjected him to all my latest dulcimer stylings so I am not doing that again. There’s friendship and then there’s torture.

The weather has been so crappy that even though there have been breaks in it they are never at a time when Jeff and I can agree to do a shop by cab, which we have to because Jeff’s vehicle is in the Schroedinger box at the moment. It is alive and it is dead.  And we were thinking about brekky at IHOP but you don’t want to walk down there in the dark with bits of trees flying the fuck everywhere, which was the case yesterday morning.

18680 is the formal wordcount on HOTM right now, just for a little accountability. I wish this book had a straight through-line like MMCo. I am working on edits for SOTW and writing every day now. My volume isn’t great but the work is fiddlier.

I recently learned that a family member by marriage had a mental health episode. Big hugs all around and I hope everyone is feeling better soon.

Vampire family in Toronto got better and bigger! Welcome Baby Viggo and thank god you’re out of the NICU and big hugs to grandma Jan.