bad news but not mine

A dear friend is experiencing puzzlements and unlooked-for portents of ill-health. I don’t know how else to put it, and I don’t have permission to say anything else.

The job interview went fine. Now I wait for about a week to get a second interview, and then I probably don’t wait at all; if I get it I’ll be starting the next day.

I’m going to a house concert on Sunday, yay. Very amusingly I wrote a house concert with this particular artist into my fanfic, so now I’ma hafta redecorate that scene somewhat with some reality.

Just turned a bi poly gal onto the Simple little system scene in Bells are Ringing which has both Lesbian and Black representation IN A FIFTIES MUSICAL god I love being able to twist people like that.

Tammy is home from Thailand, and how good to hear her voice on the phone.

Writing has slowed to a crawl because obliviously, while I’m trying to stay calm the prospect of employment has me somewhat agitated upstairs.