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There was an immense salmon made of clouds across the sky in Burnaby this morning. As a day sign for Earth Day I hardly think it could be improved upon.

somebody on twitter had to rehome a puppy (sadface) and I cheered her up with a pic of Miss Margot.

Barbara Ehrenreich gives up on doctors.

mOm that one was for you, since it’s slyly funny.

I JUST HAD SOMETHING MAHVELLOUS HAPPEN Alex told his mama that he wanted to go to a friend’s house and I AM THAT FRIEND.

I feel like I hit the grandson lottery. He’s already complimented me on a dress I wore (I wore red because he likes it) and now I’M HIS FRIEND. I feel like running around yelling, but I think M would object (we are very mismatched re sleeping cycles – I’ll be amazed if he stirs before 10 and given his insomnia I’d rather hack off my feet and eat them than waken him).

Anyway I get to see my grandson this afternoon and I’m a happy camper.

I saw this on twitter today and told Jeff if it wasn’t on the basement bathroom door by the time I got home I would be ‘disappointed’.

mOm next time you’re talking to Katie ask her about her ‘sexual harassment incident’ at work. Not as bad as it sounds. Tremendously happy ending, although possibly not what her coworker was expecting in that regard.


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