Iceland trip preparation

  • Antibacterial wipes  NOT

* Batteries … buy there if I have to

* Binoculars (optional) – borrowing a pair

* Camera (With extra memory cards and batteries) – we’ll wee

* Cash, credit and debit cards – cash is not necessary in Iceland. Credit card penetration even in tiny places is almost 100% and the credit card companies are offering better exchanges in most cases.

* Day pack (Used for daily excursions or short overnights)

* First Aid Kit (should contain lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen, whistle, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, bandaids/plasters, tape, anti-histamines,

antibacterial gel/wipes, antiseptic cream, Imodium or similar tablets for mild cases of diarrhea, rehydration powder, sewing kit, extra

prescription drugs you may be taking)

* Flashlight/torch (This item is optional and is only useful through the months of August – March)

* Fleece top/sweater DONE

* Hiking boots/sturdy walking shoes DONE

* Hiking pants (Convertible/Zip-off and quick dry recommended) DONE

* Long pants/jeans DONE

* Moneybelt    I’ll have to find it

* Nicer outfit for an evening out SCREW THAT NOISE I’M A TOURIST

* Outlet adapter – need to borrow one if I can

* Personal entertainment (Reading and writing materials, cards, music player, etc.)  DON’T I WISH I COULD TAKE ROWENA  I will take a deck of cards though

* Pocketknife — say what

* Reusable water bottle

* Shirts/t-shirts  yup

* Small travel towel —-have got

* Socks

* Sunblock need

* Sunglasses have got

* Sun hat/bandana  have got

* Swimwear have got

* Toiletries (Preferably biodegradable)   HA HA I AM NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL

* Warm gloves have got

* Warm hat – I’m going to take my nyancat hat

* Watch and alarm clock – my phone, you mean

* Waterproof backpack cover

* Waterproof pants  DONE

* Windproof rain jacket   DONE

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