meals and feels

Ate both lunch and dinner with Keith and Paul yesterday. (Lentil soup for lunch, Desi Turka for dins – during which a person came in, shot up in the women’s washroom, puked (in the toilet)  and scraped herself together when the manager told her the police were inbound and then she staggered out in much the same state of distress as when she staggered in. To say that watching the washroom door for the entire meal put a pall on things is not overdoing it, and somehow I ended up subsidizing everyone else’s drinking, but o well.

Keith spent the intervening period interviewing a business owner for the possibility of acquiring it, and I’ll let him tell that story, but we certainly had a lively discussion about it afterward.

Paul and I are hanging with Alex at his place tonight while Katie is off at some appointment.

Due to an event that I’m not supposed to publicly discuss but which is known to the Burnaby fam, Katie’s childcare options are reduced somewhat.

Those two statements are connected. Paul and I are hoping to keep him entertained and then we’re going to haul him off to bed and stick him between us until Paul’s furnace-like corpus roasts him to sleep.