Ten reasons to watch the Expanse

Whether or not it finds a new home, since the people at Syfy who run programming appear to have up and all suffered from necrosis of the brain.

  1. Intelligent scripts.
  2. Perfect casting.
  3. Almost fucking perfect space action.
  4. season 1 episode 3 ‘CQB’ REMAINS the best 44 minutes of TV set in space although there are episodes in all three seasons so far that can compete.
  5. a little side note re representation; my buddy Mike said he watched the show and the first person you see is a Chinese woman. He says to himself, How Nice For Them, they ticked the box with a woman of colour. Then a couple of episodes on the Captain of the Donnager proves to be ANOTHER CHINESE WOMAN and Mike starts thinking that it is possible somebody got representation right. RIP TERESA YAO YOU WERE AN AWESOME CAPTAIN
  6. Amos always says what’s on his mind, but he lets somebody else be his conscience.
  7. Calling Martian Marines Mickies is one of the funniest things evar
  8. Some of the most chilling – and understandable – villains evar. I mean, if you’re going to take as given that evil needs to be one or both of two things, rich and zealous.
  9. Thomas Jane as the investigator. That haircut was his idea.
  10. There are books which allow you to go where the series can’t, although I have to say I prefer the series because it’s easier to share.