cough lightened up overnight

I’ll be pushing vitamin c and fluids; got me a nice cuppa tea and I’m about to put on my creative fire rune and see if I can’t write twenty times as much as I’ve already written this morning!

Dishwasher is running.

Moon kept me awake last night durn moon.

Late this aft I’ll be taking foodicles to Peggy and Tom’s for a musical soiree with SMALL children. Sounds disastrous but the last time I think Ben touched a standup bass for the first time since the twins were born (did I mention they had SO MUCH CUTE) AND he was backing one of my tunes (Clem’s walk). SO anything to provide a chance to get out of the house for tired parents. Also Josie is cute too but in a more quiet and toddlery way.

Was feeling too rotten to see Mike this weekend, but from the sounds of things he was just barely upright himself, so…

Off to HOTM land.