Alex was amazing. He broke down twice; once I said, too bad, I’m turning the light off. The other time he wanted chocolate cereal for supper and his Poppa and I just looked at each other and laughed quite heartily. Other than that, he was his usual flailing butterfly self, and fell asleep when he was supposed to.

Tonight, I was at Tom and Peggy’s with all of my fam and Tom and Peggy had their son and daughterinlaw and *their* three kids under four and you’d think it would have been a zoo but I found it entertaining in the extreme to have six month old twin boys around, especially when they thought I was the frickin’ pied piper every time I sang and played (took Otto and Rowena). ANYWAY I told Peggy on Thursday I’m showing up with food and the rest of it all kinda happened and Jeff against his best nature et some of the macncheese and now nature done put a plug in him.

I hope the blueberry minitarts buy back some enteric happiness.

We sang and played and Peggy was at the standup bass and her son even played for a while (he backed me up on Clem’s Walk, if you can credit it….)

Anyway it was fun, and everyone cleared out and left me and Peggy to talk and Tom and Paul to talk, and you know how it is when you haven’t spoken to a friend you know well and it all just comes pouring out but really you should be getting going…..

Three kids under four, Christ wept. I know it’s nothing by Victorian standards but even so.