Editing and random

Editing continues – I’ve calmed down somewhat. I mean if Dunnett can move a battle ten years in the wrong direction and suck it up so can I have meshugas with timeline.

Dan Rather on twitter this am:

I cherish taking leisurely strolls with my wife Jean at twilight. My steps are getting slower and increasingly I have another journey on my mind–the one into eternity. But the joy–the sheer, unadulterated joy–of a hand-in-hand , slow walk as evening shadows fall never ceases.


This is my fOlks and the drives in the Camaro.

happy sigh.


I did two nice things for Katie; I made her a lunch and I am assembling some TV shows for her to watch at her request. I’m thinking of making chocolate syrup for Alex to speed matters when he’s demanding choc milk.

Beautiful walk in Oakalla (Deer Lake Park) yesterday. Paul’s still a quart low from the last blood donation so he was actually having trouble keeping up to me and that my friends has not happened in a damned long while.