jeez mah feet

So I walked to Timmy Ho’s yesterday at 6 am (the crows were talking to me almost the entire way, it was quite funny) and then Paul wanted to walk midmorning so we went to Oakalla. We paused to talk to some dog walkers and heard a funny anecdote about the bear that’s been in the park for the last little.

Enormous, glossy, well-fed and utterly unconcerned with the doings of humans, it crossed the boardwalk in front of our interlocutor, jumped into the lily pad end of Deer Lake (what I’d fucking give for a video of that!), and swam away with the air of a gentleman pleased to drop the temp a little. Apparently it was so calm it didn’t even make the guard dog he was holding the leash on bark, which is amazing in my view.

so that was 4k yesterday on the new orthotics and even now shit’s yelping down in the dogs, although I must admit I slept great


Tonight, off to the Ville-ah for a dinner and some music if it’s not too too grisly hot. So looking forward to seeing Peggy and Tom.