anudder little post

SO CLOSE to being done with the editing for SOFW

Here’s a twitter explosion about Queen Elizabeth that I hope you all enjoy. The references to Canada vis a vis trumpty justabout make mah heart perslode.

Lovely walk with Paul yesterday at the Quay (I was sweating like an atheist in church at the end of it) and he kept going on and fucking on about gazpacho so I fixed him with my basilisk stare and we bought veggies and I made gazpacho for him when he drove me home. It’s DAMN GOOD GAZPACHO. It had one whole beefsteak tomato with the fibrous bits and seeds out of it, one whole red pepper, one whole English cuke, three scallions and most of a V8 bottle, plus salt, pepper and cilantro.

It’s a blessing in this heat, seriously.

Tammy has successfully gotten a new knee; now for the physio, poor lamb. Sounds like she’s on the start of an excellent recovery.