the fam

Practiced yesterday O GOD our fingerends looked like railroad tracks. If you can believe it Paul said that he’d never heard Indio’s Hard Sun. I played it for him on youtube

and then figured out how to play Cadd9 and Am7 on Otto and we played our way through (no singing) about a hunnert times.

So yesterday I learned two new chords and got Paul to actually practice guitar, yay me.

Slept a lot yesterday. I obviously needed it. I feel absolutely clearheaded and well rested now although I had the salmon of wisdom and steeped tea for brekkie so maybe that has something to do with it as well.

I have had the MOST INTENSE CRAVING for beer in the last couple of days. I have had beer since November a couple of times and always felt like shit afterwards so I’ve managed to hold off but it’s a lousy feeling, let me tell you.