about two inches of snow

It’s still falling quite heavily, doing a great job of messing up the evening commute I imagine.

Yesterday spent a couple of hours over at Planet Bachelor and painted planets with Master Alex.

The kids fed me Indian food and then I went off home.

Timed out the homily – it’s going to be a whopping 28 minutes, if I don’t speed read the entire thing.

Did a whole bunch of laundry and emptied the dishwasher, practiced some, tried working on a song but nothing was coming. Watched some Umbrella Academy (I like it, and I’m especially blown away by Number 5, an actor of 16 named Aidan Gallagher.)

Literally my oldest friend emailed me the other day and I’m thrilled outta my mind. We’re catching up on line and I now have yet another reason to visit Ottawa.

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