another busyish day

Yesterday I got back in the swing of things with Osteofit, worked hard and felt very pleasant afterward, such a nice change from all the formal exercise I ever got. Informal exercise — walking, swimming, canoeing and skating, I’ve always loved. Also went to Lunch Bunch and I’m some expletive glad I made cake, because two of the Especially Elders had preachments about people coming to lunch bunch and not contributing.

My takeaway was that adults ask for help, and administering a means test for Lunch Bunch is just about the most settler colonial thing I ever heard of, but seeing as how I’m busting out all anarkista these days I’m going to leave my whining about this to die in another timeline. May the mother Api in all her forms bless Laura and her soup.

Osteofit – despite that incredible tumble I took earlier this week, holy shit – has been so good for my balance.

Also, any day that has Moar Peggy in it is by virtue of her virtue, better.

Got some picatures from my half-century friend. I am waiting with anticipation for the pet pics.

Today, my replacement DL fussola, first thing so I don’t have to wait too long at the licensing office in Metroclown.

Fuck Metrotown. But thither must I wander. At least, thanks to my expotition on Wednesday, I know where the South Burnaby Neighbourhood House is.


Personal note to my cyberstalker: Until you tell me who you are, your opinion is worthless. You know that, right?

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