update #442

Started research for more books. I am ceasing writing activities on Upsun until all the completed manuscripts are published. Other activities, like finalizing covers, final edits, trying to locate additional resources for wider publication, will continue without being noted.

The research is also an infill activity while I work out if I’m going anywhere or doing anything travel wise until next Conflikt. Conflikt 2020, my god, I had no idea that was in my future as PESTMASTER GENERAL. I was thinking of Ontario in April – such a lovely change of allergies, with bonus flurries – but FilkOntario can get by without me. BESIDES IF I GO AND MY LUTHIER IS THERE oh I can just picture how that conversation would go. MUMMY MUMMY THERE’S A – whatever – cittern. DADDY there’s a TWANGIBOX 442 AND I SIMPLY MUST HAVE IT Nah. I should stay home, if I can’t buy an instrument on Airmiles.

I could make my own Twangibox 442, with steatite inlay. Works to repel intruders if you can’t squeeze a tune out of it. Clarn. Clarn.

Brain weasels are generating tunes faster than I can record them. Or want to:

Brief family break:

Saw Katie for breakfast yesterday. After we went to Walmart (she was talking about having to spend so much time with the crybaby (I will never forgive his performance in family court even though I wasnae there) because someone else totalled his car and yes he’s dinged up but Alex thanks to modern technology was unharmed enough to be mortally offended that the Mack truck driver LAUGHED AT HIM because he was crying and there he is being Alex and taking on toxic masculinity one asshole at a time) and I told her to lower her voice, we’re not Walmart white trash and she lowered her voice to hiss “I just dyed my hair blonde and you’re wearing a kitty hat, we ARE WALMART WHITE TRASH,” at which point I was the one making all the fucking noise.

Okay back to the glamorous life of an independent writer.

The first installment of the new writing, which will not start until the fall, since I’m literally going to take six months to plan every page of this motherfucker, will have no sixers in it at all. Sixers are in the news, are part of daily slang, but they have little to no impact on the human characters. Second will be the lead character bonding with a sixer while working on a project. Third will be about eco-sculpting over decades and will be crawling with sixers. SHIMPLY KHRAWLING I tell you.

I want Jeff to take me out to get a donut but I don’t think he can hear my brainwaves yet.

Ooh, somebody with 70k followers really liked my tweet. It’s an aphorism: Imperialism is about flags, money on the side, globalism is about money, flags on the side.

The first thing that happens is that someone turns up to mansplain it. I splained right back to him, and now I feel like I need a donut.


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