another lovely day

Little bit of writing, not much, on task and not.

Trip to IKEA. I don’t know much but I do know where every family with kids under five goes for lunch on Sunday. The IKEA cafeteria was like the front gate of hell early this afternoon.

We acquired, in our forwards, backwards and then forwards again continuously interrupted powerwalk through IKEA, new skissors since the old big one died after being used to cut Christ knows what the hell it was candidly but the duct tape purty much finished off the big pair. I killed the little pair by trying to use them on something too fat and plasticky. Also more pillowcases since my old pillows went to the spare room after I got these extremely hotel pillow like objects. MMMM. My bed is a place I do not wish to leave. Also a footrest for under my desk if I ever unbury it. Guess that means I have to leave my bed.

I have to shift laundry and make a snack (previously promised) for Jeff. The dieting to reduce salt, sugar, refined carbs and dairy fat is going okay.  Raw nuts thank god are allowed, or I’d feel so deprived. Still drinking milk, but two thirds less and no coffee, so no requirement for cream. Sigh. It just makes my heart pound and I’m bad for that already.


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