Fraser Foreshore

Paul took me to this park. Normally we park at the bottom of Byrne and turn left, but this time we turned right (the path runs all the way past Kerr) and walked. We saw a Great Blue Heron land super close and talked for about half an hour with this lovely middle aged white guy who talked about what all that land looked like 50 years ago.

I SAW MY FIRST MUSKRAT since I moved to the lower mainland. He said, when I said I’d never seen one, “One lives in this pond.” And I know this will sound like bullshit, but Paul was there; the man waved his arm, and the muskrat APPEARED. wild.

After, LA Sushi and a quick trip to replace my raincoat (better and cheaper than the last one, strangely.) Also picked up N95 filters, since it’s only a matter of time before something catches fire again.

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