Great day

Started with brekky with Katie, then Fast Color with Jeff (recommended movie), then a shopping expotition with Keith, then another thousand words on the fanfic, then supper at Patsara with Mike.
Sanguinity achieved.

oh…. forgot to mention. Alex is a fan of Five Nights with Freddy, which is a supremely age-inappropriate game he ran across on the internet. When chided for his taste he announced, “I just love the characters,” which is so like his uncle at that age you wouldna believe. He was put on the phone by his mother and immediately lyrically thanked me. I managed to give him a tshirt of his fave character (I had no idea). He wore it as a nightshirt because see above about NOT AGE APPROPRIATE and he would not take the damned thing off when he got up so go me I guess. Hands the phone back to his momma and she said, “I did not prompt that. I did not. I must be doing something right,” so that’s when I told her the story of how Keith, within six months of being the same age, had lyrically thanked his Auntie Ruth for the lovely meal she’d cooked for us. I guess it’s a family thing. Such a loving boy. He is so, so sweet.

In what will come as no surprise to my brother I have recognized that IMDB is a fucking hell hole. goodbye

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