guilt and oh well

only a couple of hundred words yesterday, not enough to send along, but very satisfying.

Katie and Alex called wanting to go swimming last night. I said I was having an indoor day. I went upstairs to lie down and had an extremely visually interesting (briefly, I had scintillating scotoma for about half an hour) migraine precursor and then PAIN PAIN PAIN. Now, because I have really weird migraines I lay there with my eyes squeezed shut and the top right chunk of my skull coming off and said to it YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE and I thought about fun things and cookie dough and after about half an hour the pain lifted. First time I’ve had a pain migraine in ages but I managed to chase it off.

Yesterday I fired up the eye mask I made a year or so ago and it really helped, the heat treatment made my right eye less dry.

Still LOVING MY BLANKIE. I wish the cover wasn’t pink but hey I DIDN’T PAY FOR IT.

All my taxes are in.

I’m obsessing about my new arrangement of the Gelis song. It just stays in my mind all the time, it’s there when I wake up. Being a songwriter is occasionally not all that great. But don’t pay attention to that, you know I mostly love it. “I want no sympathy for a pain I would trade for nothing”.

Back to RED HOT SCIENCE FICTION ACTION which in this case, since Nereus is doing a controlled fall from orbit while dodging Russian fighters, is actually a sound call.

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