Three kinds of writers

Plotters = 3 x 5s save lives! Every scene, every major interaction, is depicted before the first word is written and it will all connect to an elaborate colour schema and vexillology plus excuse me but you can’t pants a thriller or a detective novel so fuck off haters. Pro: isn’t it obvious? Con: Prone to internet ratholes about Roman weaponry.
Pantsers= There are only so many stories and my characters will tell me which one we’re in, if we’re only sticking to one that is, and that seems unlikely. Pro: those fuckers write some extremely wild, poetic shit, once you free them from plot or character detail consistency. Con: A lot of the rest of it is unreadable, because you catch continuity errors more than you catch the wild weird shit.
Plantsers=I will do extremely detailed backgrounds on all characters so I don’t do any newbie shit like green eyes grey eyes, I have my plot points and my last line, time to let the characters do the work:
Pro: Works pretty much all the time if consistently applied
Con: Your characters will back you into corners and mug you.

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