lovely day yesterday

So I went out with Katie and Alex yesterday. He got this from me and immediately insisted on wearing it. We took the seabus to Lonsdale Quay and got him a haircut (it’s a very special kids cut place) and I pointed to a stack of die cast cars and said whichever of these babies you want….


and he got a school bus

Because he’s GOING TO SCHOOL IN TWO WEEKS. The school bus has a hood that opens, a door that slides, and a stop sign that comes out. I think he chose wisely.

Then we parted at Waterfront St & I went to the Wicklow and we SPITTED (Dunnett group meeting name) and I FINALLY GAVE JAN her books back, it’s only been since November 2017 and also I was all unhappy back then about nobody paying attention re my novels and this time people did (all I wanted was to provide the link?!!) AND I drank a Fat Tug because it was a stinking hot day and I also had chickn tacos. MUCH WALKING. Ingrid, lord bless her, gave me a lift to City hall so I could grab the 123 from there. Her mama is in hospital and we’re hoping she gets out of her health jam soon. Home again and then I collapsed after about 7:30. Up again at one to realize that we’d gone to bed without closing and locking the back door which likely explains why my ankles are mosquito bitten this morning.

Checked my email and had a simply lovely newsy letter from Anne, including a babysitting story that had me on the edge of my seat.

Katie is not having a fabulous time these days so anybody who feels like being nice to her would be appreciated by yours truly.



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