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I bought art supplies, pens and paper yesterday, thanks to Paul. We went on an expotition. Also I helped him with some government paperwork. It was a papery day. Also got a bullet journal. Wrote 850 words on Conversion, the chapter in which Michel, Oddi and Harri kidnap Sissy to take her back to stand trial in Vancouver, and things go wrong three different ways, but not entirely. Wrote another thousand words on a fic that is going so poorly I think I’d rather work on main projects today.

Time to take biscotti out.

Time to put biscotti in. This will be my last bake for a while. I’m on the Dash diet, apparently. Essentially it is a death diet; there’s nothing worth living for and you quietly starve yourself to the grave while worshipping your dropping BMI and blood pressure.

Time to take biscotti out.

Back to the doc on the ninth August. Still no dementia test – she thought it was better to tell me how I’ve got three times the normal chances of popping my clogs or stroking out. Gee thanks but hey, reality.

Now I shall tell the truth. Couple of days ago I turned the yellow clingstone plums that Peggy gave me into plum sauce AND THAT WAS A WHOLE SCENE because it changed colours four times while I was cooking it. First it was orange and then it was pink and then it was green and then it was, well, plum coloured. It changed colour partly because I put a lot of baking soda in it and it foamed up and turned green I felt like I was at Hogwarts. I cooked pork tenderloin in it and gave it to the folks at planet bachelor because Katie should not be stuck doing the cooking all the time. I RECYCLED THE PLUM SAUCE and cooked Jeff’s birthday dinner of chicken thighs in it. GOD THEY TURNED OUT WELL.  Then I recycled the sauce, I know when to quit. The rest of the plum sauce (there were MANY PLUMS)  I’m going to turn into some kind of low salt dessert, I just haven’t figured out how. OR MAYBE I’LL FREEZE IT I dunno.


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