Boris Johnson is a clownbag and other stories

His behaviour in UK Parliament over the last couple of days is scandalous where it isn’t treasonous and a grift of international proportions where it’s neither of those. The Guardian If! cartoons have been SAVAGE I mean the Queen gets a right SHE-(L)LACK-ING

This is Michael Balter: He is my twitter pal. We message back and forth a couple of times a year. He is a mensch. If there are not guys holding bastards like Lordkipanidze accountable for the bullshit bullying and sexual harassment they do, regular newspapers won’t touch it. And he does it for free.

Alex came by yesterday with his mama. He had an excellent opening day at school. His dad was also there to help fill out paperwork.

Genre writers’ meetup last night another lovely evening.  I probably won’t attend so much once the weather is bad, but getting out of the house feels interesting and sometimes almost good. I still have to force myself to do anything that involves leaving the house.

Jeff neglected his sunscreen and is now as Caucacious as one can imagine. He’s not suffering from the sunburn although various muscle groups are remonstrating with him from time to time.

I am doing a bunch of behind the scenes writing stuff, honestly, and also I can now publicly announce since it is known to Paul that LOIS IS COMING FOR HIS BIRTHDAY possibly also THE BOB which would be so so wonderful.

Grifters gonna grift: Jacob Wohl gets bit.

For future reference this is an article saying he’s wanted for a felony arrest warrant for being a fucking capitalist ‘double your money’ and ‘bet on Trump’ grifter.

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