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Alex is in before and after school care now, which is a tremendous relief for Katie. I hope it all is good and I look forward to inspecting the joint.

Here’s a very interesting article about a disease / syndrome that bugs the shit out of some dear ones of mine.

I’ve been having funny ideas about HOTM again, both funny ha ha and funny peculiar. The block in this case is an order of operations thing.

fic is up past 8K words. Parts of it are lovely and descriptive, but it’s mostly dialogue. It’s so annoying, making Dean say something novel when he’s got a range of about 10K words. This is rom-com. The porn’s perfunctory – it’s all about the feelings. SO MANY gooey run-on sentence feelings. I loves that bit. Meeting someone that it’s worthwhile to be nice to, the flowing feeling of life being okay and oriented correctly, finally. <— this is the point of it.

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