busy couple of days

I went to the Climate March but unfortunately my guts, in reaction to eating an orange plus JESUS CHRIST what a lot of people I Grandpa Simpson’d my way out of there and made it home just in time to poop.

Nobody needed to know that, but just in case I try to tell the story of how I led the singing 20 years from now my blog will be here to tell you NOPE.

Waterfront station had so many people in it I was actually afraid for my safety for about 30 seconds. Since I had that fall at the café I’m easily freaked out about stuff like that.

I got acorns from the City Hall garden.

Breakfast with Katie this morning, and in less than an hour I’m off to the Co-op Radio Station to learn about Podcasting. I has an idea.

Current count 39136 words. Almost halfway there! Progress is being made! Today is an editing, not a writing, day.

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Born when atmospheric carbon was 316 PPM. Settled on MST country since 1997. Parent, grandparent.

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