wonderful seminar

The seminar, which was about podcasting, was fantastically well organized, except for

(jesus, my ears still hurt) getting tossed out of the building as soon as we sat down by fifteen minutes’ worth of THE MOST HORRIBLE FIRE ALARM which consisted of three separate ear-splitting noises and a flashing light that may have much later – at home – triggered an hour’s worth of the most violently coloured and mobile migraine aura I’ve ever had. (It literally occupied, over the course of the hour, EVERY PORTION OF MY VISUAL FIELD which has never happened before, it usually hangs out in the upper left hand quadrant or dead centre while squirming. No pain, but hard to watch TV through, ha ha, and it looked like a rainbow dragon opening and closing its jaws over and over)

and the location, Hastings and Columbia. My mental health is not the greatest and walking through mobs of hungry and unhoused people made me so angry and sad and scared (there was a yeller, who followed me briefly yelling about orgasms which BLEUGH) that I ended up feeling very socially incompetent. On the way out at 3:30 a Korean Christian Church outreach program was feeding people on the corner and I felt a lot better seeing them hand out something hot and healthy, along with sandwiches, because there were hungry people everywhere. Everyone was so thin, I felt my privilege way more than usual and what can I say, I got to sit with it longer than I normally do.

I’m not a good person around privilege. I need to work much harder on it than I am currently, and I got my nose shoved in that.

An unhoused woman held the door of the radio station for us as we went in and out. I thanked her but once again ‘I felt terrible’ the way privileged people always centre themselves in any issue. Yeah I will be thinking this one over for a while.

The seminar covered software, hardware, platforms, styles of podcast, research, editing, basic Audacity use and a host of tips and tricks. Highly  recommended. Kimit and Debbie were awesome.

Current count 45812 because I found a chunk of writing I hadn’t integrated into the HOTMREDUX  manuscript. So since I wrote 7k words yesterday LOL NO I DIDN’T I’m taking the gd day off.





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