no family brekkie this am

Katie called last night and I realized I didn’t have whatever on board to make it unless it was JUST going to be bacon and eggs, so we reset to Katie’s place next week.

I’ve had a very rough couple of days regarding feeling like everything I write and play is CRRRRRRRAP but this is a Known Bug, so que l’on continue as Lucien Bouchard remarked when they cut off his leg for flesh eating disease.

Fortunately going out on a sunny day and having a very amusing time at the Fish Place (there were many children – one of the babbies screamed so loud while the server was close to her that she literally forgot our drink orders and came back to ask us for them and Jeff and I were giggling and wincing at the same time) fixed me up so that I’m no longer feeling like a battalion of tatterdemalion scallions in a galleon.

I try and I try not to, but mocking Catholics on twitter is kinda part of my brand.

What is my brand?