singing singing singing

I have run a load of dishes but that’s just about it for chores. Instead I have been singing and playing on all my instruments and every time I stop I start again. My fingers now officially hurt and I make pokey jabs at songwriting but nothing stuck.


Wasband took me to the park for a walk, and it was absolutely lovely, much warmer and less windy than it normally is at this time of year. I only wore two layers of clothing and no coat (but my hat) and that meant that I didn’t get overheated. I find that on these meds I overheat with a slower onset but a more lingering effect than I did when I was menopausal. He almost clipped a pedestrian at a crosswalk in front of the cop shop when we left. I think I upset him since I yelled at him briefly but I tend to do shit like that when I’m suddenly predicting some chick’s head’s gonna come through my side of the windshield. His reflexes are still pretty good though, he wasn’t technically into the crosswalk when he got it stopped.

I have learned things about his most recent airplane crash that make me think some people have fairy horseshoes on a charm bracelet packed in their asses.

Alone in the house

Jeff’s off in Victoria, back today, and I got to help him to computer-y stuff yesterday by pressing buttons on his keyboard under his close phone supervision so I actually managed to make myself useful.

Editing but no writing yesterday.

My phone made a little meep before it died somewhere in my room and I can’t find it. Jeff, reading this, is shaking his head.