It bothers me that the older I get the rarer I get, even to me. I’m literally making myself scarce for the next generation and what thanks am I getting, what do you mean I actually have to die before anybody thanks me. Well, just see if I don’t.

me with my mouth open

I miss that coat and scarf; I lost the scarf and the coat got holes in it. This is like fifteen years ago on the beach close to Courtenay. It was a fucking cold and windy day.

The UK election did not go well for the Greens and Labour. The Smug Gits got in instead. Northern Ireland had some interesting shifts.

Still very low energy. I don’t feel sad, I just hate how dark it is all the time. Jeff’s encouraging me to find short term creative / admin projects – like moving all the posts from the old site to the current one so I have something to plug away on when I don’t have the cognitive capacity for my Big Jobs. So now I have to put together the ability to make a list. LOL

snow pic from last year

Rainbow hand – taken at Mike’s place Electrifying, evidently Me in the tub Jeff’s car has not been driven in a while and the raccoons enjoy it.