quiet day

Today around ten we’re going to head out for a Value Village shop. That means as soon as I hang up from this I should assemble some clothes to get rid of.

Yesterday we walked to Langley Market and picked up supper, which was one head of cabbage, one carrot, four thin slices of tuscany style ham chopped fine, two tbsps of safflower oil, one tsp soy sauce, and pepper, garlic and paprika to taste. The stir fry was super tasty and in response to Jeff expressing an interest in pushing the food more toward the vegetarian end of things. It sure was filling and only set us back about $6 for four meals.

After we watched a bit more of S4 Expanse, while remarking on how much more cheerful we felt for having walked around a bit (Jeff carried the bag of groceries home.) There’s a lot of whining on the internet about how grimdark it is but from my perspective the fact that the unnamed billionaire left the goddamned show alone is enough of a win for me; the showrunners, directors and writers are doing their thing without problems.