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There’s a huge dustup right now in and around that org about generalized bigotry, homophobia and racism. I’m talking with mOm, who exposed me to romance novels, about it off line.

In other institutional racism news, the New York Times is openly publishing and apologizing for race science. All the news my ample fundament.

The genetic variations within ‘races’ – as based on ‘appearance’ is greater than the genetic variations outside it. Race is a social construct which supports the justification for land theft, appropriation of labour, rape, child theft and genocide. Fuck racism in all its forms. Thank you.


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Called Keith yesterday. Found out that Alex was sick for Christmas so had it at home. Also Keith says that the new version of Little Women is a ten out of ten, which is good to know.

We’re up to the seventh episode of the Witcher on Netflix. Wildly uneven but fantastically cast, it’s attention grabbing for sure.

Here’s one of my fave folks on twitter talking about Witcher and Mandalorian and believe me when I say SHE’S NOT WRONG


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I would add that both had a lot more female gaze than many prior shows. Henry Cavill’s grunts are basically made of sex and “dude has a shootout in power armor while holding adorable helpless thing” causes spontaneous ovulation in a not-insignificant fraction of the audience.
There’s going to be a lot of winter weather pretty much everywhere. Ice storms SUCK YO stay safe Ontario!
Also Columbus Ohio and points east and north.
Interesting article and visual, which I’m copying for when the original source dies.