Jaw gaping, reading this.


If you click on this to ‘open in new tab’ it’ll be big enough to read. Since it’s copyrighted material I’m not retyping it.

Wow, have a little racism with your nursing textbook. from

on twitter. She says and I quote
For those asking, the name of the book is “Nursing: A Concept Based Approach to Learning” published by Pearson.
in 2017, in case you’re wondering
They’ve since apologized and removed the passage after receiving backlash, but this doesn’t change the fact that medical racism is prevalent through our society TODAY.
Keith is off to practice social distance grandsonning in Saanich this weekend and of course we’re all twittery about that but also I am so glad, because we’re all so lonesome for each other these days.
Noted human trafficker, pilot and scumbag procurer to the richest assholes on this beleagured planet, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested in New Hampshire. Current betting is that she’ll be dead in days; there are literally hundreds of millionaires and billionaires than cannot afford that she live to roll on them. Like Epstein, she’s dead, and there will be two people at her funeral.
suppose your kid does something to piss you off. Here’s a tip. Before the kid is old enough to wind you up on purpose, you’re the adult, suck it up. After the kid is old enough to wind you up on purpose, you trained them and you’re still the adult, so suck it up. This has been a message from an old sad parent