productive day

I don’t know what’s wrong with this woman but I bet it’s hard to pronounce.

Mural at Big O Tires on Edmonds, now closed, so this mural will probably vanish. Alex loves the Cars franchise so we drive by it with him in the car every chance we get.

I had brekky with Jeff, went for a walk, picked up my guitar stand hardware, got a case for the ukulele, and got my bloodwork and urinalysis sorted. Also, my orthotics are in and I may be able to push up the fitting appointment.

On today’s date at around this time 34 years ago, I went into labour with Keith, and my life got better. He was a really cooperative family member right from the beginning, and with his bright hazel eyes and his ready smile, a real looker, too. (Women, especially, sighed over his beauty.) He has grown to man’s estate with a keen mind and a relatively tender heart, and he loves and loved his grandparents and great grandparents, so I think Paul and I did okay.

I could wish I hadn’t brought him into this particular world with its problems, but I suspect he’ll surprise us all.