I keep getting dizzy spells – and really, really weird physical symptoms, like, check this out. All the hair on my face (not my scalp, my face) stood on end and then I got a paresthesia that my face had solidified and was now melting down my skull. (Didn’t hurt, just felt indescribably WEIRD.) This was about an hour ago. If I hadn’t also had the biggest scintillating scotoma of my life fifteen minutes before that I’d think I was going mad, but it’s obviously migraine related. The scotoma started as a jigsaw dragon of panelled rainbow light, faded into a pale green smear and then parked itself over my right visual field for about a minute.

Anyway, my balance is not great as I wander around the house but it seems to be okay when I leave the house to walk around, so who knows what the hell this is, besides something unwelcome and novel and probably a sign that I’ll stroke out at some point, even though my blood pressure is not that high at the moment.

Spoke to Dave yesterday; he strongly recommended the latest Dylan album and hoo boy, Rough and Rowdy Ways was loads of fun and I genuinely liked the entire album except for the Key West song.