snaks all day

Today is Jeff’s birthday, and he’s getting IHOP for brekky and a custom milkshake for an after dinner treat and SNAKS Aw DAE as I intend to take him to save-on to buy cheesies immediately after brekky, and maybe pocky and other noms.

We went to the new weed store in New West – the one on Ewen. I don’t tell adults how to behave but seeing two Black women without masks in there made my blood run cold. One of the packages we were sold was stoner proof. If Jeff and I had thought to make an unboxing video we could retire, because that shit was funny.

Buster, after days of not wanting to train, was a hundred percent the last couple of days ‘YES I WILL TRAIN, BRING HITHER THE SNAKS AND I SHALL JUMP AND LEAP ETC’ so I guess when determining Buster’s mental state that’s something I should include, if he’s a bit off colour.

We’ve had the AC cranked as hard as it will go, and opened the doors as little as possible, so it’s quite pleasant in the house even in the hottest part of the day.