Gorgeous day

shootings aside this should be the nicest day this year so far in MST country.

I’ve put most of my laundry away from yesterday, I trained Buster twice, and brushed him, I ran the dishwasher and emptied it, I fed two lots of crows, emptied my purse and tidied it, put more recent medication in my spare pill bottle so I will now work my way through the older prescription, (I carry a week of my prescribed medication just in case I’m on the wrong side of a bridge when the big one comes through…), wrote a letter to Dave D and am close to stirring my stumps sufficiently to mail it…. not bad for someone who’s been up since 3:50. I had a very good night of sleep.

so much in the papers about the gang war.

Last time Paul and I went to Fraser Foreshore, which is at the bottom of Byrne Road, we were LAUGHING at the Cactus Club awnings, which look like could easily rip away in a wind and fly out onto the enormous intersection (Byrne and Marine – one of the major intersections in Burnaby as far as complexity and size and traffic level) and now right in front of those awnings one guy in the Brothers Keepers gang was shot dead (died on scene) and two of his faithful were hauled off to hospital last night.


Paul and I are about to go walking at Oakalla. If I see anything faskinating I’ll write it up when I get home.

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