busy day planned

Let’s see what comes of it. (LATER….around 5 pm)  VERY FUNNY you widgeon….. it got too hot to move around 10 am) I did manage to download Finale again and get it running (which was easy, since this version of it didn’t have stuff deleted from it by accident by me.) Also, I took Jeff to breakfast and that used all my energy (climbed the stairs at Westminster Quay) but it was absolutely wonderful and the weather was lovely and the server cheery and even the little kid at the next table only squawked for a couple of minutes and the tugboats and other working boats plying their trade up and down Sto:lo were ever so engaging.))

Guitar stand and saffron and kindergarten table and chairs to Caspell Junction (three generations of our family served, thank you Granny Rivett); pie plates back to Peggy’s; chocolate chips for chocolate chip pecan cookies (some won’t have pecans, for Jeff), need some veg, need to make another dentist appointment, hope to re-download Finale since it’s hopelessly buggered and I need it running again, need to figure out what I’m replacing this laptop with since it’s showing signs of age (the ‘A’ key is a hopeless splodge and the period key is joining it and it’s starting to get really hot when it’s charging; probably I need to replace the battery but I think I should get a jump on things and replace the unit), maybe possibly getting my speakers set up in the spare room/music room downstairs, practicing – I haven’t been, that much,  load of dishes, actually deleting all the Scrivener files that don’t have anything in them, putting the unfinished fanfics (there must be a dozen by now) in the same place and in rank order for being finished, and maybe, just maybe, a beer on the back deck when all the running around is done.

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