The song I wrote for Willie P. Bennett when he died in 2008

This was originally composed on the Aria mandolin (Edith) that Keith had for a while and then donated to me, which got me started on having Otto, which was a good thing. Miss Margot came and sat with me when I was working on it. There are no lyrics. The formal title is Willie P.’s Lament.

Plenty of nothing

I cooked rice and made rice pudding

I reserved 5 books at the library

I fed the crows

I watched the rain

I set some chicken on to thaw

I watched some TV with Jeff

I rehearsed on all four instruments – no new stuff

I brushed my hair

I checked the mail

I finished the icecream

I washed some pots

I made pancakes from mix that Jeff didn’t like so they didn’t get finished

I paid my Visa Bill (it was endodontic work and my debit card doesn’t work for that)

I made tea

I ate pizza and wings that Jeff got from Little Caesar

I set chickpeas on to soak for a chickpea curry

I mini trained Buster

and other than that I didn’t do a damned thing all day yesterday